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List your properties or display your company banners on the leading real estate property portal network in the MENA & Indian Region


Standard Listing

Select a range of packages depending on the number of listings your agency wishes to advertise. The higher the number of listings you have the more exposure you receive.

Open House

Does your agency arrange open house inspections? If so Perfect Homez offers a great platform for you to list your Open House events to attract more viewers to your properties.



Promoted Listings

For agents who have top quality listings that they want to guarantee to be fixed at the No.1 position on searches for the corresponding location of the property, our Promoted Listings provide agents with the best exposure possible for their most important listings. Promoted listings have 25 times more search impressions and 15 times more property details views than standard listings.

Featured Listings

Appearing just below the promoted listings slots on all search pages, featured listings offer an additional way to boost the performance and exposure for an agency’s most important properties. Featured listings receive 7 times more impressions and 5 times more property details views than standard listings.



Exclusive Homepage Feature

Our premium branding product, the exclusive homepage feature takeover advert is a beautiful and highly visible ad slot occupying the largest visual space on the Perfect Homez homepage. It allows you to showcase your brand and products through a rich-media gallery using high quality images and videos.

Search Page Takeover

The search page takeover ads are equally effective as our Exclusive Homepage Feature, but provide an added advantage of specifically targeting visitors by the locations they search for. This option provides an improved ad performance for agencies when target marketing is required.

Skyscraper and Agency Branding Banners

Agency branding provides your agency with two branding ad spaces on top of your agency’s standard listing pages to enhance the look and feel of your listings and to really promote your agency’s brand. Skyscraper ads are also available throughout the site on search pages to give your agency added exposure on the search pages.

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